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Mahwah High School

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Mission Statement and Beliefs


Mahwah, derived from the Lenni Lenape mawewi, is a place where people and paths meet. Ramapo Ridge Middle School and Mahwah High School are the “meeting place” where various neighborhoods converge as one community. We will ensure that rigorous and relevant curricula will pave the way for challenging and diverse opportunities for all students. Small learning communities will be the vehicle through which we pursue our mission by focusing on strong relationships, learning preferences, performance levels, and interests. Students, staff, parents, and community members will remain dedicated to supporting one another in achieving these essential goals.


We believe that:

  • Effective learning is relevant and rigorous.
  • Ongoing and meaningful professional growth is critical to success.
  • Professional learning communities create the optimal conditions for learning.
  • Everyone deserves to be valued and successful.
  • Communities model the behaviors that they value.
  • There must be an opportunity to question ideas and beliefs.
  • People who engage in activities aligned with their needs and interests will reach their highest potential.
  • Physical, intellectual, and creative activities are essential for personal growth.
  • Cultural and individual diversity enriches learning.
  • Accountability and responsibility apply to all.