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Mahwah High School

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Digital Thunder Badges


Digital "Thunder Badges" are online recognitions of your activities and skills, much like Scouting badges. They help to showcase your talents and allow you to explore new interests you may never been exposed to! We can't possibly offer everything in person, so here's your opportunity to explore new things on your own and get acknowledged.

Digital badge work is done independently and "evidence" is submitted online. Once it's completed, you "submit for feedback" and you will either receive edits, or be awarded the digital badge. Thunder Badges can be completed at any time, during the school year or the summer.

Thunder Badges are kept in your personal digital portfolio, and the link can be added into Naviance as an extra item to showcase to colleges, or included in your email signature to show off your accomplishments.

Digital badges can be completed at any time to help improve yourself, discover new interests, and add to your resume. Why not start some this summer? New badges will be continually added!

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