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Mahwah High School

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Business Education


The courses in our business department focus on the student’s role as a citizen, family member, consumer, and producer. These courses will help students develop strategies for managing their financial resources. By understanding the concepts presented, students will be able to make wise decisions Students will better understand their own wants, needs, and values, and how these pieces affect personal financial decisions. Through their studies students will explore the core concepts and fundamental business practices that develop stronger products and strengthen customer relationships. Through this exploration, they will learn where they fit within the larger infrastructure.  Students will also learn the skills of the business place to use rhetoric, tap into digital marketing, form selling tactics and study analytics to make solid decisions. Furthermore, students will develop a strong foundation for decision making through the exploration, discussion, and analysis of successful business leaders, economic philosophies, and entrepreneurs in the field. This study of the characteristics and actions will provide students with a lasting framework for recognizing and creating opportunities for themselves and others. These concepts, skills and studies will provide students with the foundation to become an interdependent part of our economic community within a familial, local, state, national and global society.  


Nikki Van Ess

Supervisor of Business 9-12


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Eileen Greer

Administrative Assistant

201-762-2300 EXT 5420

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