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Science Department Philosophy

The Mahwah School Science Department provides students with opportunity to develop contemporary skills in science education that are consistent with state (NJSLS: New Jersey Student Learning Standards) and national (NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards). We promote student understanding of scientific concepts relevant to the individual and to society, and foster an appreciation of scientific inquiry. Our students obtain a broad education covering a wide variety of content disciplines. Our constructivist teaching philosophy, curriculum, and facilities support a hands-on experience.

The Science Department has high standards of instruction that prepare students for college and the workplace. The science curriculum, consistent with the mission of the school district, strives to help students develop lifelong learning skills such as critical thinking that will allow them to become productive members of society.

The goal of the Science Program is to provide our students the opportunity to acquire proficiency in the traditional basic skills, as well as a level of technological and computer awareness. In addition, we strive to instill an appreciation of the sciences as an avenue for the improvement and enrichment of both self and society. In the course of acquiring these skills, our students will master the analytical skills necessary to make judgments about themselves, their community, their world, and their environment that will ensure a positive future for themselves and society.

Our courses of study use a variety of instructional methods that strongly emphasize constructivist methods that include instructional modeling and inquiry-based practices. Through individual effort and small group collaboration, students develop contemporary instructional skills that emphasize inquiry, problem solving, and critical thinking. Through this mechanism, students develop content knowledge and analytical skills, and in this way become scientifically literate. The processes of scientific inquiry are strongly emphasized across our curriculum. Hands-on exploration, analysis, and evaluation of scientific concepts and principles are used to help students understand scientific content and to develop into scientifically literate citizens.

NGSS: Next Gerneration Science Standards

NJSLA-S: New Jersey Student Learning Standards


Dennis M. Jarvis

Supervisor of Science 6-12


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Eileen Greer

Administrative Assistant

201-762-2300 EXT 5420

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