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Social Studies

The purpose of social studies is to provide students with a solid factual and conceptual foundation of geography, cultures, politics, religions and movements that have led to the global, national, state, and local interaction and interdependence we see in the world today. The focus of this study will be based on thematic essential questions. The aim of these questions is to stimulate thought, to provoke inquiry, and to spark more questions, especially on the part of the students to make real-world connections.  Students will be provided opportunities to hone their proficiency in literacy, numeracy, and technology as well as 21st century skills particularly in Learning and Innovation or the 4 C’s:  Critical thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Cross-cultural understandings and Interpersonal Communication.  These core skills are imbedded in our curricula and are part of the district's commitment to teach across the content areas.  Our courses of study are aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies and the Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.  In each of the classes, the students will be met at their academic readiness levels and challenged to individually expand knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to become active, informed citizens and contributing members of local, state, national, and global communities in the digital age.


Nikki Van Ess

Supervisor of Social Studies 6-12


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Eileen Greer

Administrative Assistant

201-762-2300 EXT 5420

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