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Intervention and Referral Services

The Mahwah Board of Education has established and implemented a coordinated system in each school building for the planning and delivery of intervention and referral services that are designed to assist students who are experiencing learning, behaviour or health difficulties and to assist staff who have difficulties in addressing student’s learning, behavior or health needs.

Intervention and Referral Services is a formal, coordinated and well-articulated system of supportive activities and services for staff who have identified student difficulties and those who will be involved in the amelioration of the identified educational concerns.

Intervention & Referral Services Committees are school-based teams that coordinate and deliver intervention and referral services to students. Under the new regulations, however, schools may also provide Intervention & Referral Services for students who have been determined to be in need of special education programs and services. The regulations make it clear that I&RS activities should be focused on concerns with students, and that the end result of I&RS activities should be student improvement.