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The Mahwah Board of Education provides transportation to all district students in grades K-5 , students in grades 6-8 who live more than 2 miles from Ramapo Ridge Middle School, and to students in grades 9-12 who live more than 2.5 miles from Mahwah High School. 

Prior to the opening of school in late August bus passes for each child can be viewed and printed on the District Realtime Parent Portal. Students must keep his/her pass on them at all times in order to board their assigned bus. Drivers may, from time to time, request to see a student's bus pass. Students will board and leave buses only at these assigned stops. In case of an emergency, if any student needs to ride a different bus, a written letter from the parent/guardian must be submitted to the main office of the school. If approved the main office will issue the student a one-day temporary pass that must be given to the driver.

  • Elementary students are asked to have their bus pass taped to the inside of their book bag or backpack. Middle and high school students should keep them either in their book bag, a purse or wallet. Drivers may ask to see a student's pass any time they board a bus.
  • If your child loses the bus pass, a replacement may be printed via the Parent Portal.
  • All requests to change your student's regularly assigned bus stop must be submitted in writing by the parent/guardian. The letter must include the reason for the request along with a daytime and evening contact telephone number for the parent/guardian. If the request can be accommodated it may take 3-5 school days for the change to take effect. Drivers are not permitted to make any changes to our established routes. Any requests for changes must follow the procedures stated above.
  • In the event of a delayed opening, please refer to the school calendar for your child's school hours. Bus pick-ups will run two hours later than normal. For example, if your child's normal pick-up time is 8:15 AM, the adjusted time would be 10:15 AM. This schedule will also be followed for special needs in and out of district students as well as private and parochial school students that have bus transportation.


Tracy Spindler

Supervisor of Transportation