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PaySchools Central Online Payment Dashboard

Using “PaySchools Central” parents can now pay for purchases in three areas: 1. Meal (breakfast, lunch, after school meal), 2. Fees (fees for trips, activities, required fees such as laptop insurance), and 3. Fund MHS school store for afterschool snacks and supplies. This web-based program allows parents the ease and convenience of paying “on-line” via credit card and electronic check (ACH), viewing their child’s account balances on-line, and receiving a detailed recap of their purchases on the web site.  MHS utilizes a cashless system so you can track your child’s spending and have a receipt for purchases. We strongly discourage the use of cash at the high school level.

Students make purchases by scanning their student ID cards to access their debit accounts (Meal account for lunch; a separate fund account for the MHS School Store).   All students are required to scan their ID cards to access their debit account.  

How do I Set up Automatic Debits (Auto Replenishment)?

You can setup auto replenishment for any student linked to your account.

(1) From the Dashboard screen, open the Menu and click the "Auto Replenishment" option.

(2) Prior to setting up Auto Replenishment, you must have at least one payment method added to your account. If you have not yet added a payment method, open the Menu and click the "Payment Methods" option. Click "Add Payment Method" to add either an ACH account or a card. Auto Replenishment will be tied to whichever payment method you set as your default.

(3) Return to the Auto Replenishment screen and establish the trigger balance amount, the amount you would like to add to the account, and when you would like Auto Replenish to stop (the expiration date).

(4) Click "Save," read the terms and conditions, acknowledge the terms and conditions by putting a check mark in the box, and click "Save" again. You will be notified when the payment processes or alerted if we have any difficulties completing any payments.

How do I Set Up Email Notifications?

We have several email notifications you can opt to receive. After signing into PaySchools Central, open the Menu and select the "Notifications" option. You can turn notifications on or off as well as setup limits and or dates to receive notices. Click "Update" to save your preferences.

1.     Meal - Cafeteria Purchases: In order to add money to your child's ID card for lunch follow these steps: Log into (The access link for “PaySchools Central” is found on the high school homepage under the section “Popular Links.”); Select “Meal” from the dashboard; Add money to your child's meal cart for use in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is supervised and serves breakfast starting at 7:00 a.m., lunch between 10:38 a.m. – 12:19 p.m., and after school snacks between 2:20 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ‚Äč

Note:  Funds must be added to each account - Meal and Fund for MHS School Store. The funds you add on the Meal account are only for use in the cafeteria. The funds you add to the MHS school store account are only for use at the school store. These accounts must be separated to be in compliance with school auditing procedures. 

Free and Reduced Lunch: Students who currently receive a Free or Reduced Lunch will also use their ID cards to access their lunch in a discreet, non-discriminatory manner.  Students on free or reduced lunch would need to add money to their accounts to purchase breakfast, snacks or school store items not covered on free or reduced lunch.  

EXPRESS Lunch: For your convenience, we are offering our students and staff a unique Online Pre-Order system. This is a "pick up and go" option offered to students to avoid waiting online to have their lunch prepared. Scans QR code or go to  using your laptop.  Students can preorder their freshly made-to-order custom deli sandwich or wrap. Their order will be ready and available for pick up at the designated area during lunch. Students must have credit on their accounts and pre-pay when creating their order.   Orders must be placed before 9:30am ( Please note all orders NOT picked up will still be charged to your account if the student does not cancel their order by 10am the day of service) If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Davis, Food Service Director, at 201-762-2338 or

2.     Fees:  In order to pay a fee for your child's activity follow these steps: Log into  (The access link for “PaySchools Central” is found on the high school homepage under the section “Popular Links.”); Select “Fees” from the middle dashboard box; Select and pay the fee associated with your child's activity.

3.     MHS School Store (Funds): The school store, in the main lobby, is open before and after school. You can now deposit money online into your child’s account specifically for the building school store. In order to add money to your child's ID card follow these steps: Log into (The access link for “PaySchools Central” is found on the high school homepage under the section “Popular Links.”); Look for the bottom box titled “Fund” from dashboard; Add money to your child's fund account for use at MHS School Store.