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Battle of Books

Overview-Battle of Books


Battle of the Books is a national reading incentive program and trivia contest for students in grades 3 through 12.  Students form teams of four to six members, and together they read all of the young adult novels on a selected list.  They then meet on a regular basis to discuss the book and review pieces of trivia information.  Students compete against other schools around late March/early April to see who remembers the most details from each of the books.  This a team competition, and the students work together and collaborate to determine which book best answers each trivia question.  This club will be beneficial to Mahwah High School students by encouraging them to read for pleasure, explore different genres, collaborate with others, identify main idea and other components of literature, and engage in a competitive activity against other peers from around the state.  It will also help to develop a culture of reading by placing books into a different context outside of the classroom.


All students in grades 9-12

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Media Learning Commons


Mrs. Christine Hartigan



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