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Mahwah High School

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Songwriting and Poetry Club

Overview-Songwriting and Poetry Club


Songwriting & Poetry Club is a club where people can share ideas and help each other find their individual writing voices. This club is for people who share a passion for writing and would like to further their writing skills. Furthermore, meetings would be held every Wednesday in room 118. There are two main types of meetings: 1) analyzing lyrics or music videos discussing their symbolic meaning and significance. Then writing pieces based on the themes addressed in the literature/video 2) reading personal work and peer editing. The goal of this club is to create a space where people would feel content and confident in their writing. Members will help each other find their individual writing styles and add to each other’s work. Members will be encouraged to enter their work in other writing clubs in the school such as the Calliope Magazine and the Tom-Tom newspaper.


All students in grades 9-12

Meeting Time:

Afterschool and at lunch

Meeting Place:

Room 118 


Ms. Lauren Crenca


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