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Mahwah High School

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Yearbook - Thunderbird

Overview-Yearbook - Thunderbird


Production of yearbook - typing, scanning, layout on computer design.

A yearbook is a memory book…
By capturing memorable moments in words and pictures, the yearbook helps readers experience those times over and over again. It provides a jumping off point to relate personal experiences and reflections to others.

A yearbook is a history book…
When historians look for material, they examine archival research materials. The yearbook provides names, faces, dates, etc. It captures the personalities of people quoted in text. It is an invaluable community resource.

A yearbook is a reference book…
By containing accurate scores, names, titles and honors, the yearbook is used as a reference by teachers, students, librarians, secretaries and administrators to identify people and verify information.


All students in grades 10-12

Meeting Time:

During school day as an Option Two Program.

Meeting Place:

Room 226- TV Studio


Ms. Taylor Grbelja

Adviser- Layout and Design


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Mr. Joseph Charles

Adviser- Business 


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