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Lunch Procedures 23-24

Senior Off-campus- Senior class students (students who have earned 90 credits and are eligible to graduate) who are in good academic and disciplinary standing will continue to be permitted to have off campus lunch with parental permission.  You must present student ID if asked by a staff member when leaving.

Purchasing lunch-Students may buy lunch at any location. There are five serving stations open during the lunch. Three serving stations are available in the cafeteria (hot food, sandwiches/salads, pre-prepared “grab and go” salads and sandwiches, snacks), a fourth serving station available at Schultz’s Café (in the gym: sandwiches, soup, pretzels, pre-packed salads, drinks), and a fifth serving station at Thunderbird Café (across from the Main Office: soup, sandwiches, salads, pretzels, pre-packaged salads, drinks).

Express Lunch- Go online to TBA and create an account. Place your customized orders by 9:30 am. You can use your PaySchools Central Mahwah Student ID # to pre-pay. Your lunch will be waiting for pick up on the cold line in the cafeteria, without you waiting.

PAYSCHOOLS CENTRAL- Students must use their ID card barcodes to purchase lunch. Cash should NOT be used for purchases. PaySchools Central allows you to create a secure online account where you can add money to your child's account with your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that students will have money available for meals, and that the money will only be used for lunch instead of other items.

Users can view their Account's balance and make payments any time of day. They no longer have to worry about forgetting or losing money. Also, the reduced hassle of paying with cash will speed up the lunch line, which means more time for students to enjoy their meals! Checks will also be accepted by the cafeteria to credit your account. Cash is strongly discouraged.

Internet Convenience Fee- An Internet Convenience Fee (ICF) is charged for each transaction and is displayed separately when you process a transaction. If a transaction is completed prior to midnight, it will typically be deposited into the student's account the following morning. Deposits into accounts can be affected by any network interruptions at your school. Please contact for further information.  The Account's balance is shown in the View Account Screen. This balance shows the net amount available to the Account as of the last transaction date.

 Locations of satellite serving stations

· The Thunderbird Café is located on the upper floor, in the main lobby across from the main office.

·  Schultz’s Café is located in the front lobby of the main gymnasium.

Purchasing beverages- Vending machines containing water, juice, and Snapple are located in the cafeteria, in the lower lobby, and in the front gymnasium lobby.

Eating locations- Seats are available for every student.

  • Grade 9 students are assigned to the cafeteria/ outdoor patio tables located outside cafeteria Door 21for lunch.
  • Grade 10 students are assigned to the air-conditioned gymnasium/ outdoor patio tables located on the patio outside the gymnasium back lobby.
  • Grade 11 students are assigned to eat lunch in the auditorium lobby, benches in hallways, and the outdoor patio tables located in the center courtyard.
  • Grade 12 Seniors will be permitted to go off campus for lunch unless off-campus is canceled. Only when off campus is cancelled, Grade 12 will be assigned to the auditorium house seating for lunch.

Outdoor Grass Field behind cafeteria is available for use by all students.  All students are permitted to bring towels to sit on for lunch and may play recreational games on the grass field located behind the cafeteria outside Doors 21/22. Students are not permitted in the front of the building or in the parking lot during lunch. Students may not crossover any paved roadways near Building 5 Athletic Building, the tennis courts, or be in the wooded area beyond the fields.

In addition, students in grades 10 and 11 are permitted to eat in the upper and lower hallways on the benches provided. No one is permitted to eat on the floors, in the stairwells, media learning commons, or computer laboratories, or in any other undesignated area.

Students may eat in classrooms for clubs or other activities only when their advisor or teacher is present.

Media Learning Commons- Semi-quiet academic study (food not permitted) is available for all students in grades 9-12 during lunch in the Media Learning Commons. After students eat, they may utilize the Media Learning Commons to complete academic work, read, charge their devices, or participate in supervised activities.

 Clean-up- Each student is responsible for cleaning up their own eating area. Garbage cans are available for refuse.

Lunch Supervisors- Lunch supervisors will be assigned to the cafeteria, the lower lobby, the gymnasium, auditorium lobby, and as “roamers.” Please ensure that students follow directions, clean up at the conclusion of lunch, and are respectful of other students as well as of the facilities. Lunch supervisors are to report any disciplinary issues to the School Security Officer after lunch has concluded.

 Freshman Advisory- The Freshman Advisory will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10:50 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. in Rooms 240, 241, 242, 243, 245, and 246. Twelve to eighteen freshmen will meet in each section/room each day, and two upper class Peer Leaders, along with a faculty member to supervise, will be in each room. Freshmen and Peer Leaders may bring their lunch to their assigned classroom and eat lunch in the room during the Freshman Advisory period.

Please note that the Media Learning Commons, guidance office, health office, and child study office will be open for students during the lunch for services, support, and assistance.  Lunch detention, held in Room 231 during the lunch period (10:36 – 11:20), may be assigned to students to fulfill disciplinary obligations.